Via Ferrata

This is a sort of rock climb, secured all the way with a steel cable which runs along the route and is periodically fixed to the rock. The cable can also be used as aid to climbing, and additional climbing aids, such as iron rungs (stemples), pegs, carved steps and even ladders and bridges. Via ferrata can vary in length from short routes taking just half day to long demanding alpine routes covering significant distance and altitude. Everyone with an average grade of fitness can manage the easy and intermediate ones. And if you are a bit of hights, we will stay close to you all the way up. The rest is easy to learn, when professionals teach you.
All the Via ferrata we have here are extremely panoramic, since they usually climb the mountains surrounding the lake. One of the best way to give your holiday a touch of adventure and to take that wonderful pic you always wanted!

Ferrata Map

EASY If you are looking for a private view of the Lake without big effort. It is our entry level tour and requires just 2/3 hours. No walk at all and easy to access with public transportation. STARTING FROM 40€ p/p.
Mount Generoso
1701mt. . EASY. The best to have a first try in the mountains or if you want to have a relaxed day with little adventure. It suits also big groups or young children from 8 years old. The approach is done by 1 hour walk. Breathtaking views on the Alps, Lake Lugano, Como and Maggiore. STARTING FROM 50€ p/p.
Corni di Canzo
1370mt. INTERMEDIATE . . If you are in Bellagio we have a medium challenging and relaxing possibility with just some short steeper parts, nice 1hour hike and hut at the base with local food. The view from the top is a real gift. STARTING FROM 70€ p/p.
Mount San Salvatore (Lugano)
912mt.. INTERMEDIATE++ . Located just few minutes from Lugano city center, it offer stunning view on Lugano Lake and on the whole alpine range. From the end of the via ferrata, one can choose whether to descend to Pazzallo along the trail or climb up to the summit in about 20 minutes and reach the funicular starting point from where we could have an easy way down. STARTING FROM 70€ p/p.
Mount Grona
1736mt. INTERMEDIATE+. INTERMEDIATE+. INTERMEDIATE+. Located just above Menaggio, is definitely that place that you can define as a balcony on the lake. After a relaxing hike we will get to a nice hut for a coffe, then in a while to the foot of our climb. It is usually a 2-3 hours climb, but we could leave it and go back before if you’re tired; but do your best not to give up: the view from the top is something you won’t forget. STARTING FROM 85€ p/p.
Mount Resegone
1875mt. INTERMEDIATE. INTERMEDIATE. An intermediate route taking place above the city of Lecco. Nice scenery, some nice surprises and a pleasant descent with cablecar! STARTING FROM 70€ p/p , cablecar included.
1870mt. HARD. Serious ferrata, requiring strong phisical effort and pretty good endurance. Could eventually requires a preparation tour. STARTING FROM 110€ p/p, cablecar ticket included.

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